Gina Otto, the award-winning author of Cassandra’s Angel, international speaker, producer, social entrepreneur, and children’s advocate, is currently pioneering a movement to inspire individuals around the globe with her
Change My World Now Initiative.

For twelve years, Gina worked in film, television, and fashion with talented visionaries at Lucasfilm, NBC, CBS, and Viacom. She became disheartened by the damage that mainstream media was having on the hearts, minds and self-perception of America’s youth.

In an effort to quickly and powerfully reach tweens and teens with an alternative and truly inspirational message, Gina authored a modern-day fairy tale, Cassandra’s Angel.

Written to instill the ideas of self-reliance, self-worth, tolerance and self-acceptance early in life, Cassandra’s Angel is about the stories that we are given from the people in our lives about who they think we are…and then dropping those stories so that we can become who we came here to be.

For ten years, Gina has toured the country and the world using Cassandra’s Angel as a vehicle to help ignite the possibility and promise of a brighter future without limitations. The impact and relevance of the book led to the creation of Gina’s Ink, a global media company that introduces mission-driven media and entertainment properties to empower children both domestically and around the world. Cassandra’s Angel and are the premier projects., a SAFE unique social network platform… the first of its kind, has been designed and developed for children – but unlike other, popular entertainment-based social networks for youth, was conceptualized to provide children with an inspiring online alternative… one that encourages productivity, creativity and achievement…all while learning to change the world for the better.

Gina hopes that the story of Cassandra’s Angel in combination with the ChangeMyWorldNow social network platform will help both children and adults recognize that each person has a gift and that life is about finding that gift and bringing it forth. She reminds children, living even in the most desolate circumstances, that they have a bright light within them and when they find that bright light they shine for the world. By approaching this message through a variety of interactive experiences, Gina aims to provide children an opportunity to break free of the pressures that exist in today’s society, inspiring a movement of young leaders making an important and lasting impact in the world.