Every so often, a children's story comes along that is much, much more...

It is a messenger that touches the reality of a child's worldview. Cassandra's Angel has the power to be a lasting companion and give children and adults the confidence to become the people that they were meant to be.

Written by Gina Otto
Illustrated by Trudy Joost

About the Book

Cassandra's Angel will move and delight children from four to one-hundred-four. Its heart-melting story and its timely and empowering message will enable children and parents alike to recognize, own, and nurture the special creative gifts each person has brought to share with the world.

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“#1 on Amazon for Children’s Self Esteem”

“Cassandra’s Angel is a truly wondrous and uplifting story which is very highly recommended for both children and adults…”

-Children’s Bookwatch

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Top 100 Books of the Year…Children and adults will be awed…”
-Today’s Librarian Magazine

Cassandra’s Angel is a truly wondrous and uplifting story which is very highly recommended for both children and adults…
-Children’s Bookwatch

As your family shares this vision, you will see its effects on your child’s sense of autonomy and self worth.
-Robin and Stephen Larsen, Ph.D.’s
authors of The Fashioning of Angels

As bright as the sky’s brightest star…and that’s bright!…
-Napra Magazine

Through listening to Cassandra’s inner thoughts, readers are led to have faith in themselves, to believe in our innate goodness, and to trust our own inner wisdom…
-Richmond Parent’s Review

Cassandra’s Angel has a message that will soothe and confront problems that may arise for children and help solve them in a healthy, loving manner…
-Oklahoma Tribune

As your children turn the pages of this vibrant and compelling book, they will discover truths about who they really are…
-Concepts Magazine

Cassandra’s Angel has a secret to share, one that will inspire children of all ages…
-The New Times

Cassandra’s Angel is the first classic of the new millennium.
-Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D.
author of Choose to Live Peacefully

A life changing book…it’s magnificent.
-Rashke, KOSI 101.9

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